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Hair's My Contribution
By Colleen Messina

1     Mrs. Cornelia Peck, who looked like a fat white hen, clucked at her class daily. Her perfectly round head jerked back and forth with nervous motions as she looked over the class with her perfectly round, hazel eyes. Her pale neck stuck out at regular intervals, especially when she was excited about something. Her neck was moving a lot right now because she was introducing her ingenious plan to her languid students.
2     "I have a fabulous idea," Mrs. Peck warbled. "I would like to instill a spirit of charity in this class, which is why I am assigning a community service project to each of you. I will pass out a list of possible projects for your consideration. If you would like to do something else, please see me after class. Otherwise, here are the lists. I know it is spring and it's your senior year, but you can't be lax about your work."
3     The class gave an inaudible sigh of disappointment. Every teacher seemed to want the seniors to leave some kind of legacy for the rest of the high school! Sandra, Robin, and Cathy thought the project was almost as bad as having to embroider hot pads in home economics class for the permanent bulletin board! A delicious spring breeze bringing the smell of fresh-cut grass came in through the open window, making the prospect of more work unbearable. Maybe some strange senior disease would quarantine them for a week and save them! Of course, the doctor would find the problem psychosomatic, and they would still be able to go to the senior prom.
4     When the bell finally rang, the tired, slouching class became vertical with incredible speed. Mrs. Peck's eyes grew round with surprise at the abrupt alertness of her students, and she wished them a happy lunch.
5     "I'll meet you in the cafeteria," said Cathy, "I have a question about the project."

Paragraphs 6 to 15:
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