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Grade 2 Reading Comprehensions

The Reel World

The Reel World
Reading Level
     edHelper's suggested reading level:   grade 2
     Flesch-Kincaid grade level:   1.8

     challenging words:    bobber, camping, fling, kerplunk, Ooops, reel, reeled, reeling, Sqwack, minutes, almost, helpful, seeing, lake, world, quickly

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The Reel World
By Beth Beutler

1     "Sqwack!"
2     "Look out! You almost hit the duck in the head!" Bobby called to his friend Stan.
3     Stan was fishing. He had just put bait on his hook and cast the line. He had thrown it before seeing the duck.
4     "Ooops!" he responded.
5     Stan had not fished very often. He was camping with Bobby, who liked to fish a lot. Bobby even had his own rod and reel. They were trying to catch some fish for breakfast.
6     Bobby came over to Stan and said, "Here, let me show you." That was something Stan liked about Bobby. He was always helpful.
7     He took Stan's rod. He showed him how to pull back and fling the bobber. It sailed with a wide arc out to the water and went "kerplunk" as it landed.
8     "You'll get used to it," he encouraged.
9     Stan tried again. This time, he hit a spot away from the duck. He patiently waited and watched the bobber. After a few minutes, he wanted to reel it in. Bobby told him to wait.

Paragraphs 10 to 20:
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