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Grade 3 Reading Comprehensions

My First Auction

My First Auction
Reading Level
     edHelper's suggested reading level:   grade 3
     Flesch-Kincaid grade level:   3.74

     challenging words:    auction, auctioneer, sales, tiller, paddle, early, glob, swallow, slippery, pony, spicy, reward, possible, ketchup, saddle, amount
     content words:    Since Dad

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My First Auction   

1     My Dad and I arrived early at the farm auction. A crowd was already there to look at the tractors, tools, and other items for sale. Because it was a chilly morning, Dad bought himself a cup of coffee. I got hot chocolate. Often auctions start early and last all day. They sell food and drinks so that people don't get hungry and leave before it's over.
2     Buying things at an auction is different from shopping in a store or at a yard sale. Everyone gets a paddle with a number on it; ours was #114. Every auction has a person called an auctioneer. It is his duty to make sure that everything is sold for the highest possible price. He holds up an object and calls out a price. If you want it and can afford it, you raise your paddle. Then he calls out a higher amount and asks for more bids. This goes on as long as several people keep bidding. When the bidding stops, the item is sold to the last bidder. It happens so fast that someone has to write down the winning bids to keep track of the sales. If my Dad was the high bidder, the auctioneer would say, "Going, going, gone! Sold to number 114!" You should never try to wave away a fly with your paddle, or you may accidentally buy a bag of rusty nails!
3     My Dad was only interested in the tools, but the auctioneer didn't get to them until the afternoon. Until then we watched and waited. I saw a big chest with a lock on it and begged Dad to bid on it. He said we didn't need it. Then I asked him to bid on a saddle made of soft brown leather. Dad said we didn't need it, either, because we don't own a horse. If we had the saddle, we could buy a horse to go with it!

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