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Grade 5 Reading Comprehensions

Thanksgiving Program

Thanksgiving Program
Reading Level
     edHelper's suggested reading level:   grade 5
     Flesch-Kincaid grade level:   5.25

     challenging words:    assured, gist, momentous, off-course, preschool-aged, recital, survival, historical, preschoolers, auditorium, props, offering, saying, memorize, designer, especially
     content words:    Atlantic Ocean, New World, Cape Cod, Plymouth Rock, Ashley Hart, Karissa Brock, Braden Crisp, Tia Jones, Tyler Martucci

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Thanksgiving Program   

1     Mr. Garcia's teeth gleamed as he stood. "Students," he said, "I have an announcement. The principal has given us permission to produce a historical play that I wrote." He had his class's full attention. "I'll assign roles after auditions. This is a momentous occasion!"
2     The gist of the play was the Pilgrims' search for religious freedom. To escape attacks from those who didn't share their beliefs, they sailed across the Atlantic Ocean to the New World to form a new colony. It was a long voyage, and many of the 102 passengers got sick. It took 66 days to sail from Plymouth, England to the New World. Because their ship, the Mayflower, was blown off-course by a storm - among other difficulties - they landed about 500 miles north of their intended destination of Virginia. They landed at what is now Cape Cod, Massachusetts. That's where Plymouth Rock is found.
3     The play's focus was the Pilgrims' survival during the voyage. "Here's the best news!" Mr. Garcia told them. "We'll be performing in the fall recital!" Some of the students groaned, while others whispered excitedly among themselves. He told them he had included parts for preschool-aged children, as well. "Now, class," Mr. Garcia said, "I know you can handle this. Don't let my confidence be in vain."
4     A few days later all the parts were distributed. Ashley Hart fumed about getting only one line. Karissa Brock got the part of Sarah, a young bride traveling with her husband to a new land to start a new life. "I'm going to wear a veil," she whispered to her friend, Geri. The part of her husband, Daniel, went to Braden Crisp.
5     Tia Jones giggled and accepted the role of Abigail, the whiner. Mr. Garcia gave the part of the ship's captain to Tyler Martucci, who did a victory dance. Mr. Garcia assured his students that he would guide them through their parts and help them memorize their lines.

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