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Grade 6 Reading Comprehensions

Rachel's Day in Court

Rachel's Day in Court
Reading Level
     edHelper's suggested reading level:   grade 6
     Flesch-Kincaid grade level:   6.05

     challenging words:    bailiff, courtroom, audible, attorney, tenor, fabulous, presented, florist, submission, speaker, boredom, covet, defeat, imperative, commercial, fiery
     content words:    Our Daughters, Mel Bean, Judge Moreno

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Rachel's Day in Court   

1     Last year on "Take Our Daughters to Work(r) Day," Rachel had spent the day with her mother at the florist shop. She had helped strip thorns from roses and make big, ribbon bows. She had tried not to covet the colorful floral arrangements that her mother made, but she couldn't help it. Any of the giant ones would have looked fabulous in her bedroom. At the end of the day, she had received one yellow rose. It was hardly adequate, considering the hours of boredom and the many thorn pricks that she had suffered.
2     This year it was Rachel's turn to visit her father at work. She had begged to attend school instead, but she finally had admitted defeat. She would have her day in court.
3     Rachel's father was a court bailiff. He wore the official uniform of the police department and was responsible for the safety of all people in the courtroom.
4     When they arrived at the courtroom, he unlocked the door, switched on the lights, and searched the room as he did every morning, making sure there were no hidden weapons or explosives. Once he was satisfied that there were no dangerous objects present, he told Rachel to sit in the last row.
5     Struggling to be the very picture of obedience, Rachel looked around while fingering the clasp on her necklace. How long would this take? What would happen if she went up to the defendant's table and poured herself a cup of water from the pitcher that sat there?
6     Without thinking, Rachel pulled her beaded necklace up over her chin and nibbled on it.
7     "I'm certain that you will find your beads are not edible," someone said with an arrogant voice. Turning a fiery red, she turned to look up at the speaker.
8     He towered over her, a skinny man lofty in height as well as manner. His scruffy, black mustache seemed to grow right up into his nostrils. Repelled by this creepy man, Rachel looked wildly around for her father.

Paragraphs 9 to 22:
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