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Grade 6 Reading Comprehensions

Field Trip!

Field Trip!
Reading Level
     edHelper's suggested reading level:   grade 6
     Flesch-Kincaid grade level:   8.65

     challenging words:    carousel, demonstration, better, knowing, assignment, entire, comparison, interesting, various, operation, itself, thoughts, carburetor, writing, definitely, thermometer
     content words:    Henry Ford Museum, Greenfield Village

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Field Trip!   

1     The Henry Ford Museum and Greenfield Village was an interesting place to visit. Thomas' class had spent the day at this spot outside Detroit, Michigan for a field trip, and now his assignment was to write a short paper on what he discovered there.
2     As he tried to compose his thoughts, he reflected on the day. He had tried to be attentive to everything, knowing he'd have to write this paper. They had spent the cooler morning in Greenfield Village, so he began to write about the way life was in the past. They had ridden on a steamboat, which was similar to a ferry, and also rode an old carousel with various animals painted by someone attentive to detail.

Paragraphs 3 to 4:
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