Read and Color Books
September themes

Read and Color Activity Books

             Introduction to September

Calendar: September

Good Manners Month

National Waffle Month
             The Breakfast Fairies' Invention

Johnny Appleseed
             Fruity Secrets

Labor Day
             Labor Day (September 4)

Make a Hat Day
             Hats and More Hats! (September 15)

Citizenship Day
             The Mysterious Booth (September 17)

Butterscotch Pudding Day
             Butterscotch Pudding in Space (September 19)

New Moon
             The Moon is Gone! (September 22)

National Dog Week
             Puppies Need a Lot! (September 25)

Labor Day
Labor Day theme unit

             Labor Day

             Labor Day Glyph

             I'd Like to Be a Judge




             Community Helpers Read and Color

Back to School
Back to School theme unit

             Reward Bulletin Board

             Time to Learn (Grades 1-3)

             Back to School All Around the World (Grades 4-5)

             Back to School Activity Pages

             Cafeteria Chaos

             A Rowdy Recess

             Back to School Glyph

             Back to School Glyph

             Badge Buddies

             Casey the Crime-Fighting Cat On Bullies

             Back to School Coloring Book

             Back to School: Katie's Book Bag

             School Counting Book

             Teacher Conference Kit

Constitution Day
Constitution Day theme unit

             Our United States Constitution

             The Bill of Rights

             Constitution Day Glyph

Apples theme unit

             My Apple Tree

             What are Apples Good For?

             Fruity Secrets

             Apples Mini Book

             Apples Glyph

Grandparents Day
Grandparents Day theme unit

             A Grandmarvelous Grandma

             Questions For Grandma

             Grandparents Game

             Grandparents' Day Glyph

             Grandparents Day Activities Book

             Grandparents Day Card

             Grandparents are Grand!

             Grandparents are Kids Too!

             Grandpa's Army Hat

Farm theme unit

             A Tale of Tails

             Spring on the Jones Farm

             Tiffany's Ducklings (Grades 2-4)

             Tiffany Visits an Alpaca Farm (Grades 3-5)

             Farm Glyph

             Peter and Ben

             Farm Life

             Baby animals coloring book

Library Activities and Library Cards
Library Activities and Library Cards theme unit

             Library Mini Book

             Library Glyph

September 11
September 11 theme unit

             Heroes Among Us

First Day of School Activities
First Day of School Activities theme unit

             Back to School Activity Pages

             Cafeteria Chaos

             A Rowdy Recess

             First Day of School Glyph

Autumn theme unit

             Forest Seasons

             Mini Book - Fall

             Autumn Glyph

             Splash of Color (Grades 2-3)

Rain Forest
Rain Forest theme unit

             Rain Forest Glyph

             Tropical Rainforests (Grades 4-6)

             Animals of the Rain Forest

             The Rainforest Biome

             A Rainforest Mystery

             Goliath Frogs

             The Three-Toed Sloth: Animal of the Rainforest

             Wallace's Flying Frog

All About Me
All About Me theme unit

             All About Me Glyph

             Projects Glyph

Johnny Appleseed
Johnny Appleseed theme unit

     MA is for Massachusetts (Grade 4-6)
             Johnny Appleseed Glyph

Pajamas Day
Pajamas Day theme unit

             Pajama Day

             Pajama Day Glyph

Teddy Bears
Teddy Bears theme unit

             The Black Bear Is Not a Teddy Bear

     Room 127: Alex's X-Ray Vision (Grade 3-4)
     MS is for Mississippi (Grade 4-6)
             Teddy Bears Glyph

Fall theme unit

             Forest Seasons

             Mini Book - Fall

             Splash of Color (Grades 2-3)

Seasons theme unit

             Seasons Glyph

             Dear Diary, What a Year! (Grades 2-3)

             Stormy Weather (Grades 3-4)

             The Reasons for the Seasons

             Time and Seasons

Map Skills
Map Skills theme unit

             Map Skills Glyph

             A Long Hike

             Go Camping

     Mapping ABC Style (Grade 3-6)
     M Is for Map (Grade 4-6)
     Rocky Mountain National Park Adventure (Grade 4-6)
     Storm Chasers: Into the Storm (Grade 4-6)
     Excuse Me! Wacky and Wild Cultural Differences (Grade 5-6)

Science Process Skills
Science Process Skills theme unit

             Science Solves Video Games (Grades 5-7)

             Scientific Method Glyph

Parent Open House Night
Parent Open House Night theme unit

             Open House/Parent Night Glyph

Place Value
Place Value theme unit

             Large Place Value Chart - Tens, Hundreds, Thousands (17 x 22)

             Large Place Value Chart - Ones, Tens, Hundreds (17 x 22)

             Place Value Chart - Ones, Tens, Hundreds, Thousands (8.5 x 11)

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