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Solar System

1.  The composition of Pluto is not yet known. Sean estimates that Pluto is a mixture of twenty-nine percent rock and the rest of the planet is made of water. What percent of Pluto does Sean estimate to be water?
2.  It takes Mars six hundred eighty-six and two tenths Earth days to orbit the sun. How much quicker is Earth's revolution?
3.  It takes Mercury fifty-eight and six tenths Earth days for a complete rotation and eighty-eight Earth days for a complete revolution. How does Mercury's time for a complete rotation compare to that of Earth's?
4.  Uranus is two thousand, eight hundred seventy-five million kilometers from the sun, and Venus is one hundred eight million kilometers from the sun. How much further from the sun is Venus?
5.  Destiny is an astronomer. She estimated that during Mercury's day, the planet reached a high temperature of seven hundred eighty-one degrees Fahrenheit. Destiny estimated that during the night, the temperature dropped one thousand, sixty-seven degrees Fahrenheit from the high temperature. What was Destiny's estimate for the low temperature?
6.  Pluto's radius is about 715 miles. Neptune's diameter is about 15,270 miles. The diameter of Pluto is how much smaller than Neptune's diameter?


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