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Solar System

1.  It takes Jupiter forty-one hundredths Earth days for a complete rotation and four thousand, three hundred twenty-nine Earth days for a complete revolution. Rebecca is sixty-four Earth years old. If Rebecca had lived on Jupiter, how many years old would she be (to the nearest tenth)?
2.  The mass of Venus is 4.87 x 1024 kg. The mass of Saturn is 5.68 x 1026 kg. How much larger is the mass of Saturn in scientific notation?
3.  Jordan estimated the radius of Venus to be 3308 miles. The real diameter of Venus is 7519 miles. How close was Jordan's estimate, as a percent of Venus' real diameter?
4.  The ratio of the diameter of an asteroid to the diameter of Pluto is 34 to 143. The diameter of Pluto is 1.43 x 103 miles. What is the diameter of the asteroid?
5.  James weighs forty-three kilograms on Earth and thirty-nine kilograms on Venus. Steven weighs seventy-two kilograms on Earth. How much would Steven weigh on Venus?
6.  On average, Neptune is 4,504,000,000 kilometers from the sun. Venus is on average only 108,000,000 kilometers from the sun. On average and in scientific notation, how much further is Neptune from the sun?


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