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Solar System

1.  The masses of two asteroids weigh 4.82 x 102 kilograms. The larger asteroid weighs sixty-six kilograms more than three times the weight of the smaller asteroid. What is the weight of the smaller asteroid?

2.  It takes Jupiter forty-one hundredths Earth days for a complete rotation and four thousand, three hundred twenty-nine Earth days for a complete revolution. Noah's age on Jupiter would be seventy and five tenths years less than his Earth age. How old is Noah in Earth years?

3.  Two comets are 7.8 x 104 kilometers apart. The first comet is traveling at 7.8 x 104 kilometers per hour. The other comet is heading in the opposite direction at 1.26 x 105 kilometers per hour. If the current time is 11:45 a.m., when will the comets be 1,200,000 kilometers apart?

4.  Three times Morgan's Earth weight is one hundred sixty-six and three tenths kilograms more than her weight on Pluto. How much does Morgan weigh?


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