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Shelby, Nicholas, Zachary, Courtney, and Emily listed how much they weigh on a piece of paper (47 Kg, 66 Kg, 41 Kg, 55 Kg, and 59 Kg)

Figure out how much each person weighs.
(Hint the gravity factor is 0.925 on Saturn, 0.795 on Uranus, 2.34 on Jupiter, 0.284 on Mercury, 0.907 on Venus, 0.041 on Pluto, 1 on Earth, 0.38 on Mars, and 1.125 on Neptune).

1.    Nicholas weighs less than 18.7 Kg on Mercury.

2.    Emily and Nicholas would weigh 108 Kg altogether on Neptune.

3.    Courtney would weigh 42.6 Kg on the second planet from the sun.

4.    On Uranus, Shelby would weigh 12.1 fewer kilograms.