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St. Patrick's Day

1.  Kaylee found three four-leaf clovers, Amanda found seven four-leaf clovers, and Ryan found seven four-leaf clovers. How many four-leaf clovers did the three of them find altogether?

2.  St. Patrick had a friend who was born AD 391. How many years ago was St. Patrick's friend born?

3.  Madison is a leprechaun. Madison was three feet nine inches tall two years ago. Over the past two years, Madison grew six inches. How tall is Madison?

4.  Jacob's mom made twenty-nine cupcakes. They looked so good that Jacob ate five of them before bringing them to class. How many cupcakes did Jacob bring to class?

5.  Andrew found thirty clovers. Seven of them were four-leaf clovers. How many clovers did Andrew find that were not four-leaf clovers?

6.  A class has twenty-three students. Ten of the students are boys. Of the girls in the class, three did not wear green. How many girls wore green?


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