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St. Patrick's Day

1.  Emily was trying to walk to a rainbow. She first walked north and then west for a total of sixty-six blocks. If she walked five times more blocks west than north, how many blocks north did she walk?

2.  Of the forty people in class, three-fifths wore green. How many people in the class did not wear green?

3.  Katherine found nineteen gold coins. Her friend, Makayla, told her that each coin is probably worth $50.16. How much are all the coins worth altogether?

4.  The St. Patrick's Day parade started at 9:15 a.m. and ended at 11:35 a.m. How long did the parade last?

5.  Victoria found where a leprechaun hid a pot of gold. She shared forty-eight pieces of gold with herself and her five friends equally. How many pieces of gold will Kayla and Emma, two of her friends, get altogether?

6.  For every seven four-leaf clovers that Kylie found, Emily found five and Julia found three. Altogether, they found seventy-five four-leaf clovers. How many did each of the three of them find?


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