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STEM education exposes kids to real-life challenges. Science, technology, engineering, math, and art and design job markets are booming. Today's students are tomorrow's leaders in these fields. The STEM and STEAM initiatives and teaching methods will help our students engage in cutting edge, hands-on lessons that will peak their interest and inspire them to pursue these fields in the future. These worksheets require creativity and the application of critical thinking skills. Kids will also begin to understand programming in fun ways.
Steam Activities

STEAM Workbooks - Fun and engaging science learning workbooks.
Combine these workbooks with your other classroom science projects.

STEAM Learning Activity Workbook #1
Stem Workbook      First Grade - Stem Workbook #1     

Second Grade - Stem Workbook #1     

Third Grade - Stem Workbook #1

Fourth Grade - Stem Workbook #1

Fifth Grade - Stem Workbook #1

Sixth Grade - Stem Workbook #1

More STEAM workbooks will be posted throughout the school year.

Why teach STEM and STEAM?
As educators, our goal is to create learning experiences that have our students on the edge of their seats, fully engaged, and excited about the lesson at hand. We want them to see the purpose behind the plan and leave our classrooms better prepared for life. The problem is that traditional teaching methods may be missing this mark. STEM and STEAM methods are hoping to change that. Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math, as well as Art and Design focused strategies prepare today's students for booming careers in the future. By incorporating these initiatives and methods into our classroom we are not only helping our students be more engaged with their current learning, but we can also inspire them to pursue a fulfilling future. Check out the new STEM and STEAM resources available to help you encourage tomorrow's leaders, today!