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1.  Grace put ten squash, eight pumpkins, three apples, and thirteen cranberries on the table. Before dinner started, Kaitlyn ate three of the pumpkins and Jose ate two of the cranberries. How many food items were left on the table?

2.  Courtney put three ears of corn, seven potatoes, five squash, and eight cranberries on the table. What was the total number of food items that Courtney put on the table?

3.  Fourteen Indians and seven Pilgrims were going to have dinner together. Each person brought one piece of fruit or vegetable to the feast. How many food items did they have in all?

4.  Five Indians and three Pilgrims were going to have dinner together. Each person was supposed to bring one item (fruit, vegetable, or nut) to the feast, but two of the Pilgrims did not bring anything with them. How many food items in total did they have?

5.  Savannah has two brothers and four sisters. Savannah's dad and mom will make Thanksgiving dinner at their house. Jonathan is a friend of Savannah's dad. Jonathan is coming over for dinner and will bring along him two kids. How many people in all will be eating Thanksgiving dinner at Savannah's house?

6.  The Indians and Pilgrims brought a total of nine turkeys to cook. If the Indians brought four turkeys, how many did the Pilgrims bring?


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