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1.  Lauren, a chef, needs three hundred seventy-nine potatoes for Thanksgiving dinners at her restaurant. She would also like to have seventy-nine extra potatoes just in case she needs more. If Lauren only has eighty-seven potatoes in her kitchen right now, how many more potatoes does she have to buy?

2.  On the day before Thanksgiving, EdHelper Foods sold forty ears of corn, forty-one apples, forty-two turnips, fifty-five pumpkins, and fifty-four turnips. How many items did they sell in all?

3.  Samantha's dad made 102 cookies for Thanksgiving. Samantha ate eight cookies, Noah ate ten cookies, and John ate twelve cookies. How many cookies are left?

4.  A school raised money to have a Thanksgiving dinner for the homeless. How much was raised if the second grade class raised $22.82, the third grade class raised $17.14, the fourth grade class raised $33.10, the fifth grade class raised $30.95, and the sixth grade class raised $42.69?

5.  It takes fifty-six volunteers to prepare a float for the Macy's Thanksgiving Parade. So far forty-two people have signed up. How many more people are needed?

6.  On the day before Thanksgiving, EdHelper Foods sold fifty-two ears of corn, fifty-three squash, twenty-two turnips, and forty-nine pumpkins. How many more squash did they sell than turnips?


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