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1.  If one turkey can feed eight people, how many turkeys are needed to feed one hundred sixty people?

2.  A non-profit organization for the homeless is asking people to donate $3.57 to feed and care for one person. If the non-profit wants to raise enough money to feed and care for seventy people on Thanksgiving, how much money will they need to raise?

3.  Robert needs to set up enough tables so that forty-four people can eat at a Thanksgiving dinner. Each table sits four on each side and one on each end of the table. How many tables are needed?

4.  Nineteen pumpkins were used to make seventeen pies. If each pie was split into nine pieces, how many pieces are there altogether?

5.  A restaurant spent $345 on food to feed sixty-nine people. How much was the food cost for each person?

6.  There are six loaves of bread, each of which have been cut into eleven slices. If nineteen people are to share the bread evenly, how many slices will each person receive?


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