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1.  To prepare for Thanksgiving, Brittany bought four Tofurkys for $20.16 each. She also spent $29.78 on fruits and vegetables, and $12.53 on spices and sauces. Brittany served a total of seven people, plus herself. What was the average cost per person for the meal?

2.  Taylor needs 4 1/2 cups of soup stock to make a squash soup. She only has 3 1/2 cups of soup stock right now. How much more soup stock does Taylor need for her squash soup?

3.  William was making Tofurky stew for Thanksgiving. He spent six minutes chopping onions, and another ten minutes preparing potatoes and carrots. The ingredients were cooked in a large pot for thirty minutes. William was done cooking at 4:40 p.m. What time did William start cooking?

4.  Two Tofurkys will serve six people. How many people will fourteen Tofurkys serve?

5.  One hundred people came to the company's Thanksgiving dinner. There were fifty-two more vegetarians at the dinner than non-vegetarians. How many vegetarians were at the dinner?

6.  Timothy is preparing a stuffed Tofurky while Robert is preparing drummettes. It takes two minutes to cook the drummettes in the microwave or eighteen minutes in the oven. It takes three times longer to cook the Tofurky than to cook the drummettes in the oven. Robert decided to use the oven and was done cooking the drummettes at 5:12 p.m. If Timothy started to cook the Tofurky at the same time as Robert started to cook the drummettes, what time will Timothy take the Tofurky out of the oven? (explain your answer)


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