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1.  William's turkey weighs five pounds and thirteen ounces. Samuel's turkey weighs eighteen pounds and three ounces. How much more does Samuel's turkey weigh than William's? (express your answer in pounds and ounces)

2.  Steven is trying to make pumpkin soup which requires 4 1/2 cups of soup stock. If Steven has 2 1/4 cups of soup stock, how much more does he need?

3.  Jessica is making a yam stew. She has fourteen ounces of yams right now, but she needs a total of three pounds of yams. How much more does she need?

4.  Tyler has two tail feathers. One of them is 9 cm 8 mm long. The other is 8 cm 6 mm long. If he puts one feather on top of the other, what is the combined length?

5.  Nicholas is making a cranberry relish for Thanksgiving. The recipe requires five pints of cranberries. Nicholas only has four cups of cranberries. How many more cranberries will Nicholas need to make cranberry relish?

6.  Robert wants to make mashed potatoes for twelve people. He found a recipe which feeds three people and requires five ounces of potatoes. How many potatoes does he need? (express your answer in pounds and ounces)


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