Time Worksheet
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Name _____________________________
Date ___________________
Elapsed Time

Samantha's Class Schedule
    Art        8:43 a.m. to 9:27 a.m.    
    Science        9:29 a.m. to 10:15 a.m.    
    Math        10:17 a.m. to 10:57 a.m.    
    Lunch        10:59 a.m. to 12:12 p.m.    
    Social Studies        12:14 p.m. to 1:01 p.m.    
    Health        1:03 p.m. to 1:50 p.m.    
    Language Arts        1:52 p.m. to 2:46 p.m.    

1.   How long is language arts class?

2.   Michael's math class meets one period before Samantha's. What time does Michael's math class begin?

3.   Samantha would prefer to eat lunch one period earlier. How many minutes earlier would Samantha prefer to eat?

4.   How much longer is lunch than Samantha's social studies class?

5.   Dylan has science class at the time that Samantha has language arts class. How much longer than Samantha does Dylan have to wait for science class?

6.   How long is Samantha's school day?