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Valentine's Day

1.  Cupid shot five arrows and still has five arrows left. How many arrows did Cupid originally have?

2.  Natalie brought a box of ten balloons to class. While blowing up the balloons, two of the balloons popped. If the rest of the balloons were successfully blown up, how many blown up balloons does the class have?

3.  Our teacher brought a box of nineteen chocolates to class. During the day, Christian ate four pieces, Jordan ate three pieces, and Sarah ate two pieces of chocolate. How many pieces of chocolate are left?

4.  Tyler gave Kaylee a dozen roses. Tyler also gave Courtney fifteen tulips. How many flowers did Tyler purchase altogether?

5.  Morgan received a box of truffles from Sean. The box contains twenty-five truffles. Morgan also received a box of fifty-five heart candies from Tyler. Today, Morgan only ate the heart candies. If she now has an equal number of heart candies as truffles, how many heart candies did she eat?

6.  Alexandra received eleven valentine cards. Morgan received five more valentine cards than Alexandra. How many valentine cards did Morgan receive?


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