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Valentine's Day

1.  On the day before Valentine's Day, the flower shop sold twenty-seven Valentine's Day bouquets. Each bouquet contains a dozen roses. The shop had ninety-seven roses left over at the end of the day. How many roses did the store have before any sales were made?

2.  Katherine received two times as many Valentine Cards as Abigail. Kayla received five times as many Valentine Cards as Katherine. If Katherine received eight cards, how many cards did Abigail, Katherine, and Kayla receive altogether?

3.  Julia has a total of one hundred eight chocolates. if she wants to put the same number of chocolates into three boxes, how many piece of chocolates will she put into each box?

4.  Thomas' Valentine Day party is on Valentine's Day at six p.m. It is currently the second of February, and the time is eight p.m. How many hours are there until the party?

5.  There are eleven boys and twenty-two girls in our class. On Valentine's Day, each boy gave a card to every girl. Every girl also gave a card to each boy. How many valentine cards were given altogether?

6.  Cody bought four boxes of candy. Each box of candy contains fourteen chocolates. Four of the chocolates in each box contain peanut butter. How many pieces of chocolate does Cody have altogether which do not have peanut butter?


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