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Valentine's Day

1.  The flower shop charges ninety-five cents per tulip and $31.99 for a dozen roses. Isaac buys two dozen roses and sixteen tulips. How much did Isaac spend altogether?

2.  Nathan wants to buy as many boxes of chocolate as possible. The boxes sell for $3.99 each. Nathan has $4. His mother also gave him $10. How many total boxes can Nathan buy?

3.  Hunter earns $6.50 per hour working at the mall. How many hours will Hunter need to work to have enough money to purchase two Valentine's Day Bouquets, which costs $36.93 each (assume he cannot work partial hours)?

4.  Truffles cost $9.26 per pound, heart candies cost $6.11 per pound, and Valentine cookies cost $4.85 per pound. How much will four pounds of heart candies and three pounds of truffles cost?

5.  Brandon gave the cashier $20 to buy some chocolates for $2.62, a card for $1.44, and a cute bear. The cashier put the three items in a bag and gave Brandon back $11.43 in change. How much did the bear cost?

6.  Andrew and his fourteen classmates were each asked to bring $2.90 to class to pay for the Valentine's Day party. How much is Andrew's teacher hoping to raise for the party?


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