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Connor and Matthew each live in a different city. Each Thursday for ten weeks, they recorded the high temperature. The data below is the high temperature, in Fahrenheit, that they recorded.

Connor's data: 50, 51, 50, 66, 60, 66, 71, 70, 72, 65, and 70.

Matthew's data: 72, 82, 76, 84, 77, 73, 70, 67, 67, 56, and 65.

All calculations should be rounded to the nearest tenth.

1.  What is the range of temperatures in Connor's data?
2.  What is the mean, median, and mode for Connor's data? for Matthew's data?
3.  If you combined the data for both cities, what would be the mean, median, and mode for the combined data?
4.  Connor added one more week to his data. The median of all of his data is now 62.8, rounded to the nearest tenth. What was the new temperature value that Connor added to the data?
5.  Using Matthew's data, what was the mean temperature in Celsius?
6.  Matthew calculated the median to be 71, however he forgot to include one number when calculating the median. Which number did Matthew forget?
7.  What is the variance and standard deviation of Connor's data?
8.  What is the variance and standard deviation of Matthew's data?
9.  What would be a good prediction for the high temperature the next two weeks in Matthew's city? Why?
10.  If you could spend the next month in either city, whom would you want to visit? Why?