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1.  A wildfire is burning many acres of forest. On Sunday, the fire burned four thousand, nine hundred forty-seven acres. On Monday, five hundred sixty-one fewer acres burned than on Sunday. How many total acres burned on Sunday and Monday?

2.  The newspaper lists the following records for today:
High: 95 in 1932
Low: 39 in 1933

What is the difference in temperature between the record high and the record low?

3.  The tornado seemed to last forever. It first touched down at 4:51 p.m. and finally stopped at 5:05 p.m. Although this was not forever, how long did it last?

4.  Yesterday at this time, the wind was blowing nineteen miles per hour north.Today's wind is blowing five miles per hour less strong than yesterday's wind and in the exact opposite direction. What is the direction and the speed of today's wind?

5.  Matthew stepped in nine mud puddles on the way to school, three on the way to recess, and some more on the way home. If Matthew stepped in a total of eighteen puddles, how many puddles did Matthew step in on the way home?

6.  The newspaper lists the following records for today:
High: 96 in 1933
Low: 44 in 1940

How many years ago was the record high temperature set?

7.  Water boils at 212 degrees Fahrenheit and freezes at 32 degrees Fahrenheit. If the weatherman says that Monday's high temperature will be twenty-two degrees Fahrenheit above freezing, what is the weatherman's forecast for Monday (in degrees Fahrenheit)?

8.  On Monday, the high temperature was forty-five degrees Fahrenheit. On Tuesday, the high temperature was fourteen degrees Fahrenheit cooler. What was the high temperature on Tuesday?