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Heap House (Iremonger Book 1) Literature Unit

Heap House (Iremonger Book 1)
Mixed Review Printable

(Grades 7-8)

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Chapters 1 to 4, "A Universal Bath Plug" to "A Sealed Box of Safety Matches"
Chapters 5 to 8, "A Comb Cut Bit Key 1 5/8'" to "A Lace Doily"
Chapters 9 to 12, "A Pair of Curved Forceps" to "A Pewter Jelly Mould and a Pair of Cast Iron Sugar Cutters"
Chapters 13 to 16, "A Moustache Cup" to "A Silver Cuspidor (for Personal Usage)"
Chapters 17 to 20, "A Tin Watering Can" to "Moorcus's Thing"
Chapters 21 to 24, "A Pignose Whistle" to "A Half Sovereign"

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