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Poetry Units by Anonymous

    The Cats of Kilkenny (Grades 1-3)

    A Fly and a Flea in a Flue (Grades 2-4)

    A Tutor Who Tooted the Flute (Grades 2-4)

    A Young Lady of Lynn (Grades 2-4)

    Boys and Girls Come out to Play (Grades 2-4)

    I Raised a Great Hullabaloo (Grades 2-4)

    The Codfish (Grades 2-4)

    The Joke (Grades 2-4)

    The March Wind (Grades 2-4)

    The North Wind Doth Blow (Grades 2-4)

    There Was a Young Lady Called Bright (Grades 2-4)

    Two Little Kittens (Grades 2-4)

    Have You Ever Seen? (Grades 3-5)

    Little Clotilda (Grades 3-5)

    There Was a Young Lady from Niger (Grades 3-5)

    There Was a Young Maid (Grades 3-5)

    To Be Answered in Our Next Issue (Grades 3-5)

    Monday's Child (Grades 4-6)

    When Mother Reads Aloud (Grades 4-6)

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