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Louis Sachar
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Reading Comprehensions

     "Louis, the Yard Teacher"

Literature Book Units by Louis Sachar

    A Flying Birthday Cake? (Marvin Redpost 6) (Grades 1-3)

    Is He a Girl? (Marvin Redpost 3) (Grades 1-3)

    Kidnapped at Birth? (Marvin Redpost 1) (Grades 1-3)

    A Magic Crystal? (Marvin Redpost 8) (Grades 2-4)

    Alone in His Teacher's House (Marvin Redpost 4) (Grades 2-4)

    Class President (Marvin Redpost 5) (Grades 2-4)

    Super Fast, Out of Control! (Marvin Redpost 7) (Grades 2-4)

    Why Pick on Me? (Marvin Redpost 2) (Grades 2-4)

    Sideways Stories from Wayside School (Grades 3-5)

    There's a Boy in the Girls' Bathroom (Grades 3-5)

    Wayside School Gets a Little Stranger (Grades 3-5)

    Wayside School Is Falling Down (Grades 3-5)

    Holes (Grades 4-6)

    Dogs Don't Tell Jokes (Grades 4-7)

    Small Steps (Grades 5-8)

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