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W.W. Jacobs
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Short Story Units by W.W. Jacobs

    "The Monkey's Paw" (Grades 9-12)

    A Circular Tour (Grades 9-12)

    A Distant Relative (Grades 9-12)

    A Love-Knot (Grades 9-12)

    A Mixed Proposal (Grades 9-12)

    A Tiger's Skin (Grades 9-12)

    Admiral Peters (Grades 9-12)

    Alf's Dream (Grades 9-12)

    Angels' Visits (Grades 9-12)

    Bill's Lapse (Grades 9-12)

    Breaking a Spell (Grades 9-12)

    Captain Rogers (Grades 9-12)

    Double Dealing (Grades 9-12)

    Fairy Gold (Grades 9-12)

    For Better or Worse (Grades 9-12)

    Friends in Need (Grades 9-12)

    Good Intentions (Grades 9-12)

    Her Uncle (Grades 9-12)

    Lawyer Quince (Grades 9-12)

    Manners Makyth Man (Grades 9-12)

    Matrimonial Openings (Grades 9-12)

    Odd Man Out (Grades 9-12)

    Sentence Deferred (Grades 9-12)

    The Castaway (Grades 9-12)

    The Dreamer (Grades 9-12)

    The Guardian Angel (Grades 9-12)

    The Toll-House (Grades 9-12)

    The Well (Grades 9-12)

    Watch-Dogs (Grades 9-12)

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