French Conversations


     New Student Orientation
     First day of French Class
     In May
     All of Me
     Art Club
     A new look
     At the Zoo
     Nutty Ned
     Save them!
     Thank you
     The blues
     A New House
     At the Bank
     At the Park
     Eating out
     Family day
     20 questions
     The big day!
     I love music!
     It's growing!
     Where's Fifi?
     Friday night
     Going Skiing
     My Ideal Town
     Sneaky Smoke
     The argument
     The Hidden Pi
     What Is a Hero?
     Who was first?
     Armistice Day
     Coffee please
     Helping verbs
     Holidays gogo!
     Louis Braille
     Math is useful!
     Me, Myself, and I
     Remember when
     Wake up, Thomas!
     Class schedule
     Family picture
     Modern slavery
     Presidents' Day
     The longest day
     The New Student
     The traffic jam
     Valentine's Day
     We Lost the Game
     What's for Lunch?
     What's in the box?
     A good breakfast
     Let's Go Shopping!
     Let's Make Dinner
     Playing Outside
     Spring Cleaning
     Summer vacation
     The Easter Bells
     This is my friend
     What a great game!
     A French Labor Day
     A Good Book to Read
     An American Pizza
     At the Post Office
     A walk in the woods
     Did you sleep well?
     Here Comes Autumn
     My favorite sport
     Napoleon Invents
     Oh, No! It's Saturday?
     Planning Our Days
     Setting the Clock
     The Perfect Place
     We Like to Have Fun
     Where's the cinema?
     A new pet for Stacey
     A trip to the Louvre
     Basketball basics
     Mom, I don't feel good!
     Painting the House
     Pinch me if you dare!
     Ramon and Rosa Meet
     Spanish Greetings
     Spring is on its way
     The Easter Egg Hunt
     What's a Family Tree?
     Who Is Responsible?
     All About Calendars
     All Kinds of Farmers
     A marathon on wheels!
     A More Perfect Union
     Apples for Everyone!
     Making Potato Salad
     Oink! Neigh! Moo! Cluck!
     Please set the table
     The Basketball Game
     The Perfect Pumpkin
     Waiting for a Flight
     What's for Breakfast?
     An Instrumental Wish
     Find the supermarket
     I Need to Get Ready, Too!
     Tact at Layton's House
     The Traffic Accident
     Cleaning the Bathroom
     Clean Transportation
     Easter Egg Decorating
     Getting More Exercise
     No wasting! (water)
     We're Picking Up Gramma
     All Saint's Day Vacation
     Black and violet (art)
     Back-to-school Shopping
     The breakdown (cars)
     Grandparents Are Great!
     He Sailed the Ocean Blue
     I'm thirsty! (drinks)
     Giving a Speech (Emotions)
     Grandpa Learns a New Game
     Is there a doctor on board?
     Salt and Pepper (pets)
     Walk, walk, walk them bones
     We're Going Back to School
     Dinosaur Survival School
     I Want to Be a Jack-O-Lantern
     Question words Number One
     Question words Number Two
     We're off! (airports)
     Going to the Family Reunion
     Imagine Hispanic Heritage!
     Mother's Day (simple version)
     What are you doing on Friday?
     All the Colors of the Rainbow
     Good grades! (animals)
     I love you, Mom (harder version)
     Part of a complete breakfast
     Protecting the environment
     Shopping at the Supermarket
     What Will We Be for Halloween?
     Abby and Rita Shop for Clothes
     Driving throughout the world
     A meaningful flag (flags)
     Marie and Jessica on the phone
     Let's Play "I Spy" in Our Classroom
     The math competition (math)
     Merry Structure (shapes)
     Skiing in July (Vacation)
     Constitutional Cathy Pays a Visit
     The wish list (household)
     End of the year party (School)
     The obstacle course (sports)
     The mouse is stronger than the T-rex
     The Chain of Hope (handicap)
     Hey Sam, what's the weather like today?
     I Don't Want to Put My Money in the Bank
     Mom's pregnant! (pregnancy)
     Sea or mountains? (vacation)
     Vacation choices (vacation)
     I need a medical certificate! (body)
     Let's get organized! (vacation)
     Hunting for Treasure in the Rainforest
     The Great Rain: A Native American Legend
     Warm, Wet, and Lush: Life in the Rainforest
     Buying Vegetables at the Farmers' Market
     Work or rest? (vacation jobs)
     The World Cup (soccer/sports)
     Two salads, please (vegetables)
     Girls against boys (playground)
     Natura enim non nisi parendo vincitur! (water)

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