German Conversations


     First Steps -Arrival at the Airport
     First Steps - Dinner at the Müllers' house; good night!
     First Steps - Sharing the bathroom - Breakfast
     First Steps - Getting to know the House
     At the Zoo
     A New House
     At the Bank
     At the Park
     Time to Shop!
     I think I'm ill
     Sneaky Smoke
     What Is a Hero?
     Easter customs
     Family picture
     The First of May
     What's for Lunch?
     Let's Go Shopping!
     Let's Make Dinner
     Playing Outside
     A Good Book to Read
     Here Comes Autumn
     Let's Go On a Picnic!
     Oh, No! It's Saturday?
     Planning Our Days
     Setting the Clock
     The Perfect Place
     We Like to Have Fun
     Where's the cinema?
     Painting the House
     What's a Family Tree?
     Who Is Responsible?
     A More Perfect Union
     Apples for Everyone!
     First Steps - A Day Out
     Oink! Neigh! Moo! Cluck!
     Peter and Sarah Meet
     The Perfect Pumpkin
     Waiting for a Flight
     An Instrumental Wish
     First Steps - Jealousy
     I Need to Get Ready, Too!
     Tact at Layton's House
     The Traffic Accident
     Working in the Garden
     Cleaning the Bathroom
     Getting More Exercise
     We're Picking Up Gramma
     Grandparents Are Great!
     He Sailed the Ocean Blue
     Spring is here too early
     The History of the Piñata
     Giving a Speech (Emotions)
     Grandpa Learns a New Game
     We're Going Back to School
     Dinosaur Survival School
     German - Spanish Greetings
     I Want to Be a Jack-O-Lantern
     First Steps - Going to Munich
     Going to the Family Reunion
     Imagine Hispanic Heritage!
     All the Colors of the Rainbow
     A Modern State - Germany Today
     Shopping at the Supermarket
     What Will We Be for Halloween?
     Abby and Rita Shop for Clothes
     Further Steps - Being Homesick
     Further Steps - School routine
     Emotions (I'm so bored!)
     It's party time during carnival
     First Steps - An evening in Munich
     Further Steps - Saint Nicholas Day
     Grocery Shopping for the Weekend
     A skiing trip with the school class
     Constitutional Cathy Pays a Visit
     What can we do when we have "heat free"?
     First Steps - Can I have a word with you?
     Further Steps - It's my birthday today!
     Summer Vacation: Where are you going?
     First Steps - The German School System
     Don't Forget Your Vitamins and Minerals!
     Hunting for Treasure in the Rainforest
     The Great Rain: A Native American Legend
     Warm, Wet, and Lush: Life in the Rainforest
     Buying Vegetables at the Farmers' Market
     Further Steps - A Visit to the Octoberfest
     Describing Things (Opposites)
     Thomas trifft Janine (Tomás Meets Juanita)
     Utility Room (A Very Busy Day!)
     A Visit to the Farm (Farm Animals)
     First Steps - Preparing to go out with friends
     Further Steps - Plans for November - the Castles
     Animals (A Lesson on Animals)
     It's Fall (A walk in the forest)
     Further Steps - A Visit to the Tollwood Festival
     Describing Things (A Horrible Day!)
     First Steps - Finding Information about Andechs
     At the Park (A Fun Day at the Park)
     Animals (Creatures of the Sea)
     Fruit (Let's Make Fruit Salad)
     Body Parts (Sunburn and Makeup)
     Circus (A Very Special Circus)
     Restaurant (Grandpa's Birthday)
     Describing Things (It's much too hot!)
     Color Words (My Favorite Colors!)
     Emotions (We all have Emotions)
     Weather (Where Has Spring Gone?)
     Doctor's Office (A Check-Up at the Doctor's Office)
     Kitchen Objects (A day in the kitchen)
     Classroom Objects (A Funny Lesson at School)
     Body Parts (A Lesson about our Body)
     An American Foreign Exchange Student in a German Host Family
     Octoberfest (A pleasure or a burden?)
     Dining Room Objects (Can We Help You Set the Table?)
     An American Foreign Exchange Student in a German Host Family (Christmas)
     An American Foreign Exchange Student in a German Host Family (Christmas Dinner)
     Calendar (Days of the Week and Months)
     Our Community (Different Kinds of Jobs that are Important for our Community)
     Sports (Different Tastes in Sports!)
     Transportation (Different Ways of Traveling)
     Weather (Different Weather Conditions When You are on Holiday)
     Holidays (Do we celebrate the same holidays?)
     First Steps - Presents and new impressions unpacking the suitcases
     First Steps - Starting into the first day of school after the summer holidays
     First Steps - The ride home - arriving at the Müller's house
     Further Steps - A Soccer Match at the New Stadium in Munich
     An American Foreign Exchange Student in a German Host Family (Further Steps - Carnival at school)
     An American Foreign Exchange Student in a German Host Family (Further Steps - Christmas Shopping)
     An American Foreign Exchange Student in a German Host Family (Further Steps - I feel so bad!)
     An American Foreign Exchange Student in a German Host Family (Further Steps - It's freezing cold in January)
     Further Steps - It's getting colder. A day in the mountains.
     An American Foreign Exchange Student in a German Host Family (Further Steps - New Year's Eve)
     An American Foreign Exchange Student in a German Host Family (Further Steps - She is so sweet!)
     An American Foreign Exchange Student in a German Host Family (Further Steps - Winter with Loads of Snow!)
     The Summer Holidays are Over (Getting ready for school!)
     Circus (Going to the Circus is so Exciting)
     Time and Seasons (Grandma Likes the Fall - I Don't!)
     It's Fall (Hiking in the Mountains)
     Family Members (How are they all related?)
     Household Appliances (How Can We Save Electricity?)
     Instruments (How many instruments are there?)
     Subjects at School (How was school today?)
     Clothes (I don't know what to wear!)
     Colors and Clothes (I don't know what to wear today!)
     Everyday Activities (I Have too Much to Do!)
     Action Words (I Want to Run and Jump!)
     Bathroom Objects (Let's Clean the Bathroom!)
     At the Supermarket (Let's Go Grocery Shopping Together)
     The Bike Trip (Let's Go on a Bike Trip!)
     Subjects at School (Let's improve our skills!)
     Setting the Table for a Special Event (Let's make a nice table decoration!)
     Kitchen Objects (Let's Prepare Dinner Together!)
     Dining Room Objects (Let's Set the Table)
     Body Parts and Clothes (Let's tell stories)
     Classroom Objects (Martin's and Lisa's First Day of School)
     At the Airport (Michael's first journey by plane)
     Instruments (Mom, can I learn to play an instrument?)
     Animals (Mom, I'd love to have a dog)
     Cooking (Mom, Marie, and Johannes are Cooking Together)
     Calendar Words (Months, Seasons, and Days of the Week)
     In the House (Our House, our Apartment)
     Transportation (Planning for a Bike Trip)
     Clothes (Shall We Ask Daddy to Go Shopping With Us?)
     Color Words (The meaning of different colors)
     Calendar and Family (Things to Remember!)
     Family Members (We Are Going to Have a Baby)
     Cooking (What are we going to do with the leftovers?)
     I'm so bored (What can I do during the summer holidays at home?)
     Let's Go to the Lake! (What do we need for a Fun Day?)
     Animals (What I know about different animals)
     Everyday Activities (What We Do During the Day)
     Household Appliances (What would we do without them?)
     Shapes (Where Can We Find Them in Everyday Life?)
     Jobs (Which kind of job is the right one for me?)
     Family Members (Who is coming for Christmas?)
     Money (Why American Money is Confusing for Europeans)
     Doctor's Office (Why do people go to the doctor's?)
     Subjects at School (Why do we like different subjects?)
     Weather (Why is it sometimes cold and sometimes hot?)
     Post Office (Writing a letter to Grandma and Grandpa)

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