Italian Conversations


     All of Me
     At the Zoo
     Nutty Ned
     A New House
     At the Bank
     At the Park
     Time to Shop!
     Sneaky Smoke
     What Is a Hero?
     We Lost the Game
     What's for Lunch?
     Let's Go Shopping!
     Let's Make Dinner
     Playing Outside
     At the Post Office
     Here Comes Autumn
     Let's Go On a Picnic!
     Oh, No! It's Saturday?
     Planning Our Days
     Setting the Clock
     The Perfect Place
     We Like to Have Fun
     Italian Greetings
     Painting the House
     What's a Family Tree?
     Who Is Responsible?
     All About Calendars
     All Kinds of Farmers
     A More Perfect Union
     Apples for Everyone!
     Making Potato Salad
     Oink! Neigh! Moo! Cluck!
     Pumpkins All Around
     The Perfect Pumpkin
     Waiting for a Flight
     An Instrumental Wish
     I Need to Get Ready, Too!
     Puzzling for Puzzles
     Tact at Layton's House
     The Traffic Accident
     Cleaning the Bathroom
     Getting More Exercise
     We're Picking Up Gramma
     Grandparents Are Great!
     He Sailed the Ocean Blue
     The History of the Piņata
     Giving a Speech (Emotions)
     Grandpa Learns a New Game
     We're Going Back to School
     Dinosaur Survival School
     I Want to Be a Jack-O-Lantern
     Going to the Family Reunion
     Imagine Hispanic Heritage!
     All the Colors of the Rainbow
     Shopping at the Supermarket
     What Will We Be for Halloween?
     Let's Play "I Spy" in Our Classroom
     Constitutional Cathy Pays a Visit
     A Talking Bear Learns about Manners
     I Don't Want to Put My Money in the Bank
     Don't Forget Your Vitamins and Minerals!
     The Great Rain: A Native American Legend
     Warm, Wet, and Lush: Life in the Rainforest
     Buying Vegetables at the Farmers' Market

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