Sample Australia Math Word Problems Worksheet
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1.   Angie, who lives in Canberra, has a friend in the nearby country of New Zealand. It takes 4 hours and 39 minutes to travel between Canberra and Angie's friend house. How long will it take Angie to travel to her friend, spend two hours with her friend, and return home?

2.   Phillip and Donna had $65 before they took a boat cruise around Sydney's harbor. If the cruise cost $21 for both of them, how much do Phillip and Donna have left?

3.   Josie is preparing for her 20-hour flight to the United States. If Josie can read one book in 4 hours and 57 minutes, how many books should she bring so that she will have enough to read during the flight?

4.   Steve is an officer in the Australian Navy. He has nine men and four women who work with him. How many people work with Steve?

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