Sample Australia Math Word Problems Worksheet
Australia Theme Unit

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1.   Steven has $9.75 to spend on a new shirt at a store in Sydney. He likes a shirt that costs $13.99. How much money does he need to borrow to buy the shirt that he likes?

2.   Mary's grandparents live in the "bush", an inland, rural area of Australia. It takes her 2 hours and 32 minutes by plane, and another 3 hours and 36 minutes by car to get there from her hometown. If Mary's plane takes off at 7:00 a.m., what time should her grandparents expect her to arrive?

3.   During a trip to the lands of central Australia, Michael finds himself lost. The last house he passed is sixty-two kilometers behind him. If he turns around and drives at a speed of seventy-eight kilometers per hour, how long will it take him to get to that house?

4.   One-fifth of the students in James' class in Perth are immigrants. If there are thirty-five people in the class, how many students are not immigrants?

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