Sample China Math Word Problems Worksheet
China Theme Unit

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1.   Shan lives in northern China, close to Russia. She goes with her mother every weekend to Russia to sell clothes. One day they went to Russia with sixteen shirts and twenty-four pairs of pants. They returned with nine shirts. How many shirts did they sell?

2.   Fang lives in a very large family in Chinatown in New York. She lives with her mother, father, grandmother, four brothers, and three sisters. They all live in a three bedroom apartment. How many people altogether live in the apartment?

3.   Bo has twenty-one pieces of bamboo that she will use to build a toy boat. She only needs ten pieces to build the boat. How many pieces of bamboo will she have left over after she builds the boat?

4.   Wei's school has four school buses to carry one hundred fifty-six students to and from school. If the same number of children rides each bus, how many children ride each bus?

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