Sample China Math Word Problems Worksheet
China Theme Unit

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1.   Caleb plans to spend his vacation visiting China. His flight will depart from New York at 9:08 a.m. on August 10th and will arrive Beijing at 4:52 p.m. on August 11th. Caleb's flight will make a stop in Vancouver, Canada for 1 hour and 26 minutes. Beijing is in a time zone twelve hours ahead of New York. What's the total flight time without the connected service in Vancouver?

2.   David brought a total of 25,106.00 Chinese Yuan (CNY) with him for his trip in China. His daily budget is as follows: CNY 218.00 for meals, CNY 204.00 for transportation, CNY 1,999.00 for accommodation, and CNY 310.00 for souvenirs. If he plans to spend eight days in China, how much Chinese Yuan will he have left?

3.   Jana is going to the bank today to exchange Chinese Yuan (CNY) for her upcoming trip in China. The exchange rate is CNY 8.28 per U.S. dollar. If Jana's budget for her trip is to spend no more than $1,248.00, what is the maximum Chinese Yuan she can receive without going over her budget?

4.   Zhi's home garden measures 5.5 meters on one side and 5.1 meters on another. What is the area Zhi's garden? (round your answer to the nearest square meter)

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