Sample China Math Word Problems Worksheet
China Theme Unit

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1.   Kevin went to a Chinese restaurant for lunch. The restaurant has lunch specials for $8.90. Each lunch special includes one appetizer and one main course. Kevin had the lunch special and ordered one extra egg roll. Kevin left a total of $11.80 on the table, including a fifteen percent tip. How much did the extra egg roll cost?

2.   Cong took a trip down the Yangtze River. He paddled twenty-six kilometers in eleven hours. What was Cong's average speed, in kilometers per hour rounded to the nearest tenth of a kilometer?

3.   There are seven rooms in Fen's home. Three of them are used for her office space. What percentage of the home's rooms is not used for the office space?

4.   Sabrina is going to the bank today to wire money to her friend in China. The bank charges a handling fee of 1% of the total transaction amount. The exchange rate is CNY 8.32 per U.S. dollar. If Sabrina exchanges $1,648.00, how much Chinese Yuan will her friend receive?

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