Sample Connecticut Math Word Problems Worksheet
Connecticut Theme Unit

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1.   According to the 2000 census, the total population of Connecticut was 3,405,565. The population of the five largest cities in Connecticut was:
Bridgeport:   139,529
New Haven:123,626

Using this chart answer the following questions:
a) How many people did not live in one of these cities?
b) What percentage of the total population lives in Bridgeport?
c) If the square area of Connecticut is 5,544 square miles, how many people are there per square mile? Round your answer.

2.   Karen's class is going to the Science Center of Connecticut on a field trip. Tickets to attend all the exhibits and the planetarium show are normally $10.25 each. A total of 28 classmates will be attending the field trip and groups over 25 are given a 12% discount. What is the total cost for the field trip?

3.   Jonathan is reading Uncle Tom's Cabin for his book report. The book has 544 pages. If his book report is due in 18 days, and he needs 2 days to write his report, how many pages will Jonathan have to read each day in order to turn in his book report on time?

4.   In 1901, Connecticut passed the first automobile laws setting the speed limit at 12 miles per hour. Today, the maximum speed limit in Connecticut is 65 miles per hour. If the distance from Windsor to Stamford is 97.5 miles, how long will it take to drive at 65 miles per hour? How much longer would it have taken in 1901 traveling at 12 miles per hour?

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