Sample Delaware Math Word Problems Worksheet
Delaware Theme Unit

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1.   Eggs are one of the most valuable products from Delaware's farms. John's class took a trip to a local farm. They helped collect 56 eggs from one section of the farm. If another 72 eggs were collected later in the day, how many eggs were collected in all by the class?

2.   Delaware's ocean coastline is 28 miles long. If I traveled up and down the coastline with my boat, how many miles would I have gone?

3.   Delaware was one of the 13 original colonies. It is called the first state because it was the first state to adopt the Constitution. How many of the states in our country today are not considered part of the original 13?

4.   Mary was visiting a friend's home in Delaware. It was in a rural part of the state. She counted twelve white-tailed deer, two foxes, two raccoons, and seven chipmunks during her stay. How many animals did she count during her stay?

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