Sample Florida Math Word Problems Worksheet
Florida Theme Unit

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1.   Mrs. Donaldson chose to have her daughter's birthday party at the Florida Gator Farm. The cost is $12 per child and $9 per adult. However, two adults are admitted at no charge. It was a fun day of adventure and excitement seeing all the alligators in natural habitats. There were fifteen children and nine adults that attended her party. How much did the party cost all together?

2.   Jordan's family just moved to Orlando. They plan on visiting Disneyworld quite a bit. To save money, they decided to buy annual passes. Jordan is 12 years old, his big brother is 14, and his little brother is 9. The cost for the pass is $369.00 for anyone over 10 years old, and $314 for anyone between three and nine years old. Children under two years old are free. How much would it cost for Jordan, his brothers, and his parents to get annual passes?

3.   At the Daytona 500, NASCAR drivers race at 150 mph. Tragically, it was here that Dale Earnhardt lost his life in February, 2001. The track is 2.5 miles long. How long does it take the drivers to drive 500 miles?

4.   Alligators are a very important part of the Florida wetlands. If there were 1,200 alligators in one of these areas, but the population decreased by 2.5% every year for five years, how many alligators would be left at the end of the five-year period?

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