Sample Idaho Math Word Problems Worksheet
Idaho Theme Unit

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1.   Crystal Ice Cave, near American Falls, has a frozen river, frozen waterfall, and other stunning ice formations. This cave is 160 feet below the lava beds of the Columbia Plateau region. Today's temperature aboveground is eighty degrees Fahrenheit, but the temperature in the ice cave remains at thirty-two degrees Fahrenheit. How much cooler is it the ice cave than today's aboveground temperature?

2.   Lava Hot Springs is the home of world-famous hot springs. More than six million gallons of steaming mineral water flow out of the springs each day. How much water will have poured out in eight days?

3.   By 1805, people who sailed across the ocean from Europe had lived along the Atlantic coast for almost 200 years. Idaho's first permanent white settlement was not built until 1860. If the year is now 2006, for how many years have white men lived in Idaho?

4.   Idaho's highest elevation is Borah Peak at 12,662 feet above sea level. The lowest elevation is found at the Snake River in Lewiston, measuring 710 feet above sea level. What is the difference between the highest elevation and the lowest elevation?

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