Sample Idaho Math Word Problems Worksheet
Idaho Theme Unit

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1.   Idaho has about 50 mountain peaks that rise above 10,000 feet. Borah Peak, the state's highest mountain, stands at 12,662 feet. The great Bitterroot Range, among Idaho's most rugged mountains, lies on the Idaho-Montana border. Here, Portland Mountain rises up 10,820 feet. The Seven Devils Mountains are on the Oregon border with He Devil Peak at 9,893 feet above sea level. What is the average elevation of these three well known locations in Idaho?

2.   Idaho has many kinds of land. A person traveling through Idaho can visit desert country, mountain country, lake country, river country, canyon country, and prairies and plateaus. Gasoline costs $1.40 a gallon, and Mike's car gets twenty-two miles to the gallon. How far can he travel on two tanks of gas if his tank holds twenty-one gallons?

3.   The grocery store sells potatoes at a certain price per pound. If Devin buys five pounds of potatoes, the cost will be $2.55. If she decided that she wanted to buy ten pounds of potatoes, how much will she spend?

4.   The state's record low of -60 degrees Fahrenheit was set at Island Park Dam on January 18, 1943. The record high of 118 degrees Fahrenheit was set at Orofino on July 28, 1934. What is the difference in these temperatures?

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