Sample Italy Math Word Problems Worksheet
Italy Theme Unit

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1.   The first act of the play at the Milan Theater tonight is three-quarters of an hour long. If the play begins at 12:15 p.m., what time will the first act end?

2.   Sardinia is two hundred sixty kilometers west of the Italian coast. It takes us four hours to get to Sardinia by boat. If during the first two hours we boat one hundred seven kilometers, how many kilometers is left to travel to Sardinia during the last two hours?

3.   Italy shares its borders with five countries and one city-state. If the border with Austria is four hundred thirty kilometers, the border with France is four hundred eighty-eight kilometers, the border with San Marino is thirty-nine kilometers, the border with Slovenia is two hundred thirty-two kilometers, the border with Switzerland is seven hundred forty kilometers, and the border with Vatican City is 3.2 kilometers, what is the total length of the land borders that Italy shares with these countries and city-state?

4.   Italy has a total square area of 301,230 square kilometers. If 294,020 square kilometers is land, how much is water?

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