Sample Italy Math Word Problems Worksheet
Italy Theme Unit

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1.   Marco goes to the movies four times a month. Each time he spends six hundred twenty-six lire on a ticket, three hundred six lire on popcorn, and one hundred lire on a drink. How much money does Marco spend going to the movies every month?

2.   It will take Lisa twenty-four minutes to walk from her apartment in Turin to the grocery store. Then it will take twenty-five minutes to walk from the store to her grandmother's house, and another half an hour to walk back home. If she needs to be home by 10:57, what is the latest time she can leave?

3.   Before Italy converted to the European Dollar the Italian lire was the currency of Italy. Assume the conversion rate of lire to U.S. dollars is 1647 to one U.S. dollar. If a trip to Rome will cost $2,979, how many lire will it cost?

4.   Italy has a coastline of 7,600 kilometers. The United States has a total coastline of 7,739,375 kilometers. How many times larger is the United States coastline than the Italian coastline? Round your answer to the nearest whole number.

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