Sample Japan Math Word Problems Worksheet
Japan Theme Unit

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1.   Shimotu loves sports, and he studies karate at a karate school. There were twenty-five students in his class when he first came there. Since then, five students have left the school, and three new students have joined it. How many students are in the Karate School now?

2.   Mitsui likes origami, and learns how to fold the paper to make different things. He already knows how to make paper flowers, and he decided to make several of them for his mother. Mitsui has five sheets of colored paper, and he can make three flowers from each sheet. How many flowers can Mitsui make using all sheets of paper?

3.   Misima is very good at ikebana, making flower arrangements. One day, he decided to decorate his room, so he cut some fresh flowers in the garden. He had nine roses, eight carnations, and seven tulips. After finishing his project, he had four flowers left. How many flowers did Misima use to make the ikebana?

4.   Asuka's parents invited some family and friends for a tea ceremony. Mother asked Asuka to count all tea cups that they had. There were three blue cups, two green cups, four red cups, and four yellow cups. How many tea cups does Asuka's family have altogether?

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