Sample Japan Math Word Problems Worksheet
Japan Theme Unit

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1.   Yosai is making a kimono for her father. The belt for the kimono should be one hundred forty-nine centimeters long. She has two meters of fabric. How much fabric will she have left after making the belt? (State your answer in meters.)

2.   Shimotu is a farmer from Osaka and he grows rice. He has five large rice fields and gets eighty kilograms of rice from each field every year. How many kilograms of rice does Shimotu get every year?

3.   Today is Takao's twin sisters' birthday. The twins' combined age is eighteen, which is three years more then Takao's age. How many years older is Takao than one of his sisters?

4.   Jordan went to a restaurant at the Osaka station. He had two choices -
1) He could order a lunch box for 1,350 yen. The lunch box consists of a bowl of grilled eel over rice, a plate of pickles, and a choice of hot or iced coffee. Or,
2) He could place a single order of a bowl of grilled eel over rice for 900 and a cup of cappuccino for 200 yen.
If Jordan had 3,400 yen before lunch, how much did he have left if he decides on eating the cheaper option?

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