Sample Japan Math Word Problems Worksheet
Japan Theme Unit

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1.   Jessica and three of her friends went to a Japanese restaurant. They ordered one tempura set for $16.00 and one sushi deluxe for $29.50. They also had four orders of green tea ice cream for $4.25 each. If they wanted to split the bill, how much would each person pay?

2.   Alexandra went to a restaurant at the Tokyo station. She ordered a lunch set for 1,450 yen and a plate of seaweed salad for 500 yen. When she got the bill, she noticed that the restaurant charged her a service fee of 10%. How much did she pay?

3.   A sushi restaurant places plates of sushi, salads, appetizers, and desserts on a conveyor belt circulating around the counter. The restaurant uses four different colors of plates for pricing and customers pay based on the number of and type of plates they pick out from the belt. Dishes on yellow plates are $2.90 per plate, dishes on blue plates are $3.84 per plate, dishes on white plates are $1.24 per plate, and dishes on black plates are $2.55 per plate. Natalie, Lauren, Stephanie, Eric, and Daniel went to the restaurant and they picked seven yellow plates, nine white plates, six black plates, and eight blue plates. Natalie paid $14.00 and Lauren paid the rest of the bill. How much did Lauren spend?

4.   Christina plans to have sushi for her birthday party. She wants to invite eight people over and she estimates that each person, including herself, will have six pieces of sushi. The sushi restaurant nearby her apartment charges $3.25 per sushi and a delivery fee of 15% of the total order amount. How much will Christina pay?

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