Sample Kansas Math Word Problems Worksheet
Kansas Theme Unit

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1.   As Dylan and his sister played in the park near their new home, they noticed two small fields of sunflowers in a field nearby. The sunflower is Kansas' state flower. They counted the flowers and found that there were 127 flowers in the field on their left and 142 flowers in the field on their right. How many sunflowers were there in all?

2.   The boys and girls at Hoover Elementary are having a contest to see who can bring in the most canned goods for their food drive. The boys have brought in 89 cans of food, and the girls have brought in 78 cans of food. How far behind are the girls?

3.   Eric had 98 cents to buy some candy at the Dodge City Candy Shop. He picked out a chocolate bar for 48 cents and a pack of gum for 32 cents. Did he have enough money for both items? If so, how much money did he have left?

4.   The Carlton's' car broke down on their way from Topeka to Wichita. After having a mechanic inspect the problem, they were told they needed a new fuel pump and an air filter. The fuel pump would cost them $400, the air filter would cost $25, and the labor to fix it would cost $175. How much money would they have to spend to get their car fixed?

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