Sample Maine Math Word Problems Worksheet
Maine Theme Unit

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1.   Route 95 covers two hundred ninety-six miles of Maine from Kittery to Houlton. On the way from Kittery to Houlton, Route 95 passes Bangor. If the distance from Kittery to Bangor is one hundred seventy-nine miles, what is the distance from Bangor to Houlton?

2.   Acadia National Park in Bar Harbor has 47,633 square acres of recreational land. Baxter State Park has three hundred seventy-five square acres of recreational land. How many more square acres does Acadia National Park have?

3.   Maine has many old forts to visit. Nathan's class is going to visit Colonial Pemaquid State Historic Site. From their school they will travel six miles to Route 129. Then they will drive three miles on Route 129; seven miles on Route 130; and finally bear right and travel one mile to the site. How many miles will they drive to get to their destination?

4.   Janine's family is going to the Portland Civic Center to see the circus. If the family needs to buy three tickets and tickets cost $6.00 each, how much will it cost to attend the circus?

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