Sample Maine Math Word Problems Worksheet
Maine Theme Unit

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1.   Acadia National Park in Bar Harbor has 47,640 square acres of recreational land. Six thousand, three hundred forty-two square acres is available for camping. What percentage of the park is not available for camping?

2.   Ninety-six percent of the nation's wild blueberries are produced in the State of Maine. If the total number of pounds produced in our nation this year is 69.4 million pounds, how many pounds are produced in Maine? (round your answer to the nearest ten thousand pounds)

3.   Cara and her family are hiking up Mount Katahdin. Her parents need to buy new backpacks for Cara, her sister and her four brothers. The girls will get smaller backpacks which cost $80.97 each, and the boys will get larger backpacks which cost $103.23 each. How much will it cost to purchase backpacks for all of them?

4.   According to the 2000 census, the population of the entire State of Maine is 1,214,923. If the area of State of Maine is 35,385 square miles, how many people are there per square mile?

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